Episode 807: Do your freedoms and liberties give you license???
 As Americans we enjoy a level of freedom and liberty that no one else does in the world.  We have more freedom and liberty than most folks can ever hope to have in the rest of the world.  Freedom and liberty come at a high cost and it should be protected so we can pass it on to the next generation!!! When we ignore realities in life, we put freedom and liberty at risk.  When Americans refuse to take seriously the threats that are all around us, then we are needlessly putting other Americans at risk!!!     Because we have freedoms and liberties, does that mean we can put others at risk?  Does our freedoms and liberties give us license to risk other folks freedoms and liberties?  Does your unbolstered opinion out way someone needing to know the truth?  Does your political philosophy out way the risks that a foreign threat may pose to America?     Our freedoms and liberties don't give us license to put into jeopardy other's freedoms and liberties!!!  When we allow things to take freedoms and liberties from fellow Americans, such as security, we take away their right to choose for themselves how they will be secure, or how our country will be secure!!!