Episode 84: 2017 Orlando Hamcation Walk-n-Talk

2017 Orlando Hamcation

Gary Pearce, KN4AQ, from HamRadioNow, accompanied me at the Orlando Hamcation of 2017.  We did a “walk-n-talk” where we walked around and talked to several vendors who had tables or displays at the show, and we got some good info on upcoming radios, new antennas, and some AM HF operation in the State of Florida.

In upcoming episodes of this series, I plan to do more of this style of interview at Hamfests.  This and my Episode 81, where Gary, Katie and I sit and ragchew about the Hamcation and about Amateur Radio in general.  I really enjoyed making these videos and getting information from the vendors presented here.  You can find all of their websites at the links below.  Thanks to all of you who allowed Gary and I to put you in the video!