Episode 87 - Matthew Mercer
Dude just gives off huge waves of nerd.

This week's guest Matthew Mercer has quite the storied career in anime, starting as a mere high schooler and moving on to roles in Kill La Kill, Naruto and Attack on Titan. He's also picked up a few video game roles like Leon in the Resident Evil games, MacCready in Fallout 4 and Anarky in Arkham: Origins.

Matt sits down with Evan in a temporarily vacant conference room at GenCon 2016 to talk about taking care of yourself at conventions, snaking roles from  your dad and his critically (get it?) acclaimed webseries Critical Role, where he plays Dungeon Master to past guest Liam O'Brien and some other fantastic voice talent that haven't done this show yet but we love them anyway.

Given Matt's schedule at the con, this is a short show, but we'll get him on soon to dig deeper into his career.