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Episode 9 – Foodie, Geeky, Fantasy & RPG Stew


Isn’t that the greatest thing in life?

Don’t you think the pleasure of gathering around a table to share breakfast, second breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner has a lot in common with the pleasure of gathering around a table for a good session of tabletop RPG?

Actually, I am just looking for a justification (no matter how flimsy) to geek around my favourite British televisual event: Masterchef.

Anyway, I can come up with a number of good reasons to discuss the topic of food.

It’s a great opportunity to have a new equally food obsessed guest, Rachael aka Rae, from Phoenix Games Club and London Indie RPG as well as my dear wife Persephelia author of the Oysters & Milk foodblog.

It’s also an opportunity to challenge seriously overdue misconceptions about food in the UK and to shine a light on London’s food scene and British food stars.

Anyway who are you to question my choices of topic for The Rolistes Podcast?


… I AM KALUM! Wielder of The Rolistes Podcast, unifier of players across Channel, Pond and hemispheres!! (*)

This episode has quite a trolley load of ingredients and it was quite an invention test to put them together: Hairy Bikers, eyeballs soup, agriculture shows, worried about that soufflé John Torode & sweet tooth Gregg Walace, drippy icing eclairs, walktapi flavoured Dirk The Dice (The Grognaaaaaard Files), 1950’s cold liver & National BreadHeston's Fantastical FoodPlomeek Soupreplicators & Deanna Troi's chocolate ice cream ritualNigellaMrs. Patmore's Infamous Raspberry Meringue Puddingthe world’s best burgerLittle Paris Kitchendysfunctional Talkie ToasterBorough Belles WI, fancy dining at a bargain price, lard infused bad translations (faux amis: lard/bacon), Shackfuyu comeback, DinnerladiesGreenwich teriyaki & Turkish, appliance selling Mary Berry, nation’s sweetheart Nadiya & purist French lady, Terry Pratchett dwarf bread, Frank’s Café (come for the view stay for the food), and quite a bit of bantering about following recipes or not with traditional gaming versus indie gaming innuendo (sigh… London Indie RPG).

The final result of this endeavour ended up to be…

…quite a stew. (**)

(*) Sorry it appears Kalum suffers from a rare form of Dan Carlin induced fever.
(**) Symptoms of Dan Carlin fever include excessive reliance on puns for episode descriptions.

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