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Episode 9 - Jurassic World
In this seemingly random episode, Andrew, Laura and Ben hear from a herd of scientists on dinosaur discovery, Chaos Theory and de-extinction, and try to avoid talking about Jurassic World for as long as possible.

Phil Manning  chats to us about robot dinosaurs, finding fossils on beaches, and studying them using x-rays; Jim Al-Khalili  gives us a quick run-down on chaos theory;Kathryn Boast  lets us listen to some cosmic rays; and Beth Shapiro explains some of the science behind her book How to Clone a Mammoth

With all that science, we were hard pushed to find time to talk about Jurassic World, but somehow managed to fit in a discussion of Jurassic Park's finer qualities. If you listen beyond the outtakes, you can also hear a very enthusiastic chat Andrew had with Andy Day , the star of Andy's Dinosaur Adventures.

The episode contains mild spoilers for Jurassics Park and World, and high levels of disappointment from at least two of the Shed team.

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