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Episode 91
2016 is over and we couldn't be more happier!

 After a tumultuous year of bitter, angry and sometimes hateful speech from all ends of the spectrum, we've decided it was time to get positive and put a spotlight on the one thing we all love the most. MUSIC!

 Local music to be exact, and we've got two great performers lined up for this week's kickoff episode for 2017. 

 Matt Sinner

 Lead guitarist and vocals for the band Sinner's Inc. Matt has been rocking in bands for most of his life and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Matt has a special place in our hearts as he has graciously allowed us to feature the pumping hard rock single, "Hardway" as the official theme song for the Loki and Jabroni Show. You will love the personality and passion of this New England hard rocker.

 As a special treat, Matt Sinner has chosen us to offer a sneak preview of their newest single. Can't be missed!

 Official Facebook of Sinners, Inc

 Sean Metcalfe

 If you love classic rock and rhythm and blues, you will love Sean and his band, Three57! Sean is a great performer, genuinely good hearted person and a devoted father and husband. Don't miss any opportunity to hear this bad at your local venue. Great times all around.

 Official Facebook of Three57

 Also featured is Jabroni's Top Ten Worst Resolutions You Could Have Ever Made!!!

 Also please take a moment and welcome our newest sponsor ... the WWE Shop!!!