Episode 93 - BookBub vs. Facebook, Pottermore, and Author Solutions
What You'll Learn: 
  • How J. Thorn's Facebook ad campaign compared to his BookBub
  • How to give your blog visitors an attractive preview of your book
  • What you can do to outsource common stressful author tasks
  • Where you can generate some ideas for your next book 
  • Why Jim was asked to change the title for one of his books
  • What the real "secret" to book marketing is 
  • Why Pottermore may have made a major mistake 
  • The flaws in trad pub's editorial decision-making process
  • Why there isn't much to celebrate about Author Solutions' major change 


Question of the Week:

 Why do you think Penguin sold Author Solutions? Will the Author Solutions' new owner expand or retract the company's reach and why?