Episode ALPHA: Emergency Content Delivery
Grant is still moving house, which means he's got no internet at his new place, which means that he and Chris can't get together online to record a lovely new episode. Instead of that, you'll now get access to this gem from the archives - our very first podcast, recorded as a test, which is actually pretty good! But seeing as you're paying for new content, we're going to release this one FREE OF CHARGE.

God, how nice are we?

(You'll never hear our very second podcast, also recorded as a test. That was an utter disaster.)

Anyway, back to normal next week, we hope, so I won't have to upload the podcast from a pub because the library is shut.

(Also for some reason I can't embed the track on this post. One thing after another, listener. One thing after another. Here's a link, you hungry baby birds: https://soundcloud.com/hearty-dice-friends/episode-alpha-emergency-content-delivery)

We love you all very, very much.