Episode G (scans) launch! Volume 11 cover + interlude
And here's the Patreon exclusive project!

We were requested this some time ago, but the public scans are awful! So instead we decided to post our own.

As you might notice, these aren't japanese raws. They are actually Spanish scans that have been tweeked by us to work on our own English edition of Episode G, and as I said, they are much better than the public scans (which are smaller and blurry). While we will post the english scanlation later on (which will be the version that will be shared on batoto), we wanted to give our patrons the chance to get non-watermarked, HQ scans of the series, which is allegedly harder to find than any of the other spin-offs, to make use of them as they want (you can use them on your own releases in a language other than english or spanish, if that's what you want to do) or just to collect them.

At the same time, the little income we get from posting the scans helps us buy the next volumes so we can keep working on the series with the best quality posible.

This first post, which includes the covers, the index and the interlude is on us so you can check the quality of the scans and leave your comments on the new project. If you have any suggestions, demands or requests, you can comment so and we'll see what options we have.

Here's a link to the gallery with the pictures: http://imgbox.com/g/4B2GaC5EBP

Enjoy the new project!

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