Episode Seven: Marfa, TX
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What happens when the town you live in, your home, your culture, your community, becomes a trend? And then, what happens when people declare that trend dead? This week we go to the tiny West Texas art mecca, in the middle of nowhere, to find out.

It was 2010 when Huffington Post declared that Marfa was the next big tourist destination. And by 2015, they’d said it was over; that Marfa had killed itself, become a victim of itself.

When I read that 2015 headline and other scathing OpEds. in various media outlets, I couldn’t help but think of our time there. That it was more than just a trendy destination: It was a town, a community, people’s home, a history that reached far beyond the scope of being labeled cool and then uncool.

This week's guests: 
John Patrick 
John is a co-founder of Communitie Marfa. He and his partner create sustainable art and apparel. John is passionate about art, and the integrity of art. //

LeAna & Glen Clifton 
LeAna & Glen have lived in Marfa since 2007. They moved there from South Africa, by way of Austin, to start their family and a porcelain jewelry business. //

Brit Webb 
Brit is an 88 year old Marfa staple; he's lived there for over 72 years. He pre-dates Donald Judd. We talked about the history of the town, adaptation to the constant of change, and the best pieces of his life well-lived.

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Featured Music: 
Dave Depper - Perspective; 
The Fucked Up Beat - Where Is Everybody/Marfa Ghost Lights; 
Hank Hobson - Trip Across The Country; 
MUTE - Thru The Dusty Clouds; 
Josh Woodward - Gravity; 
Will Bangs - Putting Up With The Bullshit 
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