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Episode Two
Tokyo Elvis plays the music of Zelda ‘Breath of the Wild’

Info: I released most of these tracks in a mix a few months back. When Nintendo released the DLC 2, I ended up getting re-inspired and created a few more remixes. Hopefully this mix will have a few surprises for everyone. The next episode of the podcast is coming March 19th and will feature the music of Selena Gomez. :)

If you have any music requests or show ideas, feel free to email them to me! [email protected]

0:00 intro
0:14 lost woodz
3:43 lurelin village
6:56 great fairy
10:03 sheikah tower
13:16 shrine
16:09 on horse
18:40 korok
21:28 ancient tech lab
23:58 silent princess
26:28 zora domain
30:56 hyrule
33:00 memories
35:43 new dragon