Episode Two: Chincoteague, VA

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The island of ponies... and food trucks.

Chincoteague is a small island off the coast of Virginia that is inhabited by wild ponies. You may remember the book "Misty of Chincoteague" - Yeah, that Chincoteague.

In this episode I chat with 3 pairs of Millennials (all of whom are foodies): A couple who runs a gourmet doughnut truck, sisters-in-law who recently arrived on the island and are still trying to find their footing there, and best friends who have spent most of their lives on Chincoteague. We talk about the food trucks craze, the importance of your local mailman, and, of course, those ponies.

This week's guests:

Brea Reeves & Ben Wang 

Rosie & Kate Moot 

Laura Davis & Morgan Ross 

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