episode XIV - Temperance/Art
On the left, the androgynous one in the wings and the white robe of YHVH: Temperance; and on the right, the hermaphrodite sporting breasts-a-plenty in the green gown: Art. Here at the end of the rainbow, you will find the hidden stone. Mix it up for the Angel and the Alchemist!

And the crowd goes wild.    

Welcome to episode XIV of Fortune's Wheelhouse, featuring Art or Temperance, the card numbered XIV in both decks. You can use the above image to follow along as we discuss the esoteric symbols of each card. Or if you have the decks, just get your cards out - and maybe a magnifying glass on occasion!     

Art/Temperance is the ninth of our zodiacal trumps, associated with the sign of Sagitarius.  This is Path 25 which crosses between Tiphareth and Yesod.

The four colors of the card according to the Golden Dawn color scales, per 777:      

King Scale: Blue

Queen Scale: Yellow

Prince Scale:   Green

Princess Scale:  Dark vivid blue 

In this and in subsequent podcast episodes, we will often reference the Tree of Life. For convenience a diagram called the "Minutum Mundum" is included here with just this card's path highlighted. This diagram will also be included in full color on its own page with other basic Qabalistic information, in the sections "Getting Started" and "Qabalah". There will be some basic definitions there of terms, so if this is new to you, have a look! 

Music for Temperance episode: "Your Rainbow Colour Changer," by Damscray