episode XXI - 4 fold give away! and gifts for all!
Since most depictions of the World or Universe card have the four Kerubic beasts in the corners of the card, for this week we are awarding four different prizes, one each to FOUR qualifying Patrons!

The Universe card is associated with the planet Saturn. This is the planet of time, and structure so one of the prizes is a Fortune's Wheelhouse clock, in your choice of white or black.

Another prize to do with the theme of time is a 2018 calendar! This is a one of a kind calendar with Tabula Mundi art! The 12 trumps that are associated with the 12 astrological signs are paired with the appropriate decan cards from the Tabula Mundi expansion set. The  calendar has full and new moon phases (by Universal time, of course) and reminders of when our minor arcana episodes come out in the new year! Holidays are marked - and there are a few special extra holidays ;)

For structure, what could be better than one of Susie's gorgeous structured Arcana cases? And it is custom built to fit the specifications of your deck! She has a wealth of new silk fabrics to choose from too.

And because the Universe is the last of our Major arcana cards, and now we start a new journey through the minors, one qualifying person will win a Fortune's Wheelhouse "Hero of the Astral Plane" tee shirt featuring the Tabula Mundi Fool card!

Good luck to all and here's to completions and new beginnings!

All Patrons at the $3 and up level are automatically entered to win but  everyone is eligible. To enter, send us your name, address, email, and  episode number.  

Speaking of ALL, each and every Patron will be getting a little something from us as a thank you for helping us meet the goal for the minors. (Well, we had met the goal as of a couple days ago, but due to a few credit card issues the total has slipped below the goal level. This will be sorted out and we are sure that the goal will still be met so not to worry!)

ALL active Patrons of every level on file at the end of this month will be receiving a special gift from us in the mail. If you are at the $1 or $2 level though, we don't have your address (as we only collect that info for $3 level and up for the contest entries), so please send in your address if you would like the surprise. And if your address has changed let us know. The gifts for ALL will ship the first week of December.