Equation Language & "Community"

Language is a strange thing. It's around everything regardless of the situation or circumstance. The ultimate enabler or disabler, and to me the more i use it, a tool.

I'm tempted to label this a Language Equation. Like the word 'I' is a strange word, because it can function as a

single out word, when this moment doesn't operate like that. The moment is like a big cake and were all batter in it.

So an example would be, i found myself earlier today feeling a need to find a like community to how i feel. I looked again and that seemed strange, because this (all or total), is, a community of people. So really i already have it! Which changes the question to, what is it that makes things into such disarray? Or how do we make this work? We have far more in common than we think, but something in our thinking or thoughts process tends to single out one from the other.