Equestrian Currency
Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per video
Pledge $0.01 or more per video
Patrons Only
$1 or more per video
I will be thankful for your contribution. You will also be listed during the intro sequence and the description of my videos.
Shell Buffing
$5 or more per video
You get the previous perk, plus the knowledge that Looney can get his shell buffed.
Secret Goodies and Polls
$10 or more per video
At the moment there isn't much of a benefit to this perk, but in the future I will post fun behind the scenes information and private polls only available to people in this tier and above.
Put Words In The Turtle's Mouth
$20 or more per video
As long as it's appropriate for all ages, I'll have Looney say something of your choosing at the end of a video.
Topic Suggestion
$25 or more per video
You may pick the topic for a future video. I reserve the right to reject ideas that I don't want to cover, but I will try to work with you to select a subject.
Voice Acting
$30 or more per video
I'll record a line of dialog for you at the end of every month you support this page. 


1. The payment has to go through before I can send you a recording. 

2. The line must be something short enough to tweet.

3. I can try to do a character impression, but keep in mind that I prefer to do original voices.

4. I'll try to be pretty open, but I reserve the right to refuse your lines or ideas.

Turtle Soup
$40 or more per video
Looney likes making replicas of his shell in his spare time, so we're giving out piping hot soup for the dedicated patreons. (And by that I mean that I'll send you a vector of looney's shell turned upside down with steam coming out of it. Since I don't expect this high of a patreon donation, this is mostly just a joke tier. If you actually want to donate this much then we can discuss an real award. Beyond that you will get all of the previous perks.)
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