Equipment Revisited
This week we're sharing an excerpt from the updated equipment chapter. I took the time to do the layout for this excerpt in InDesign, and while there isn't anything too fancy, I did use this opportunity to experiment a little with color. Notably, using colors curated by /r/RPGdesign moderator /u/Caraes_Naur, meant to match inks and pigments used in medieval illuminated manuscripts.

The new weapon rules are also of some interest. Instead of front loading weapon damage as in the previous playtest document, weapon damage is now applied only on attack moves that generates 3 or more successes. This way a negligible hit from a sword and knife will cause equivalent harm while solid hits produce more pronounced differences in effect.

There's also frequent mention of Critical and Mortal Wounds in this excerpt. Wounds are a consolidation of the old ongoing damage rules. As implemented, they're a mechanic borrowed from Cryptomancer. A character sustains a Critical Wound when they take 3 or more Trauma from a single source and a Mortal Wound when they take 5 or more Trauma from a single source. While suffering from a Critical Wound, a character suffers 1 unsoakable Trauma if they use both a Deed and a Trifle on their turn. While suffering from a Mortal Wound, a character suffers 1 unsoakable Trauma at the start of each round.

Wounds can be mitigated by armor with the Protecting property or patched up with the Leechcraft skill.

If you have any questions about equipment in Sword, Axe, Spear, & Shield v0.03 - or about any other part of the game, let me know!