Erannorth Weekly #13 – Halloween Event Rewards and our Cheating Policy
Hi folks! 

I won't waste (much) of your time this week since you are probably busy gathering Halloween Trophies on Erannorth and the clock is ticking ;) 

You can review all the latest changes in the Changelog  (v0.63.4 to v0.64.1). 

The main purpose of today's newsletter is to wish you a fantastic Halloween on behalf of the entire Erannorth team (that is me and Dimitris :P) and let you know that you can start exchanging your trophies with Gold, Crystals and Bag o' Tricks.
  • Trophies x1: 1000 Gold
  • Trophies x5: 100 Crystals
  • Trophies x10: 20.000 Gold
  • Trophies x20: 500 Crystals
  • Trophies x30: 1 Bag o' Tricks

If you haven't found the Event to Gather the Trophies, it's because is for Lvl 4+ characters.

  1. You can easily reach Lvl 4 by playing for an hour or so. So don't let that discourage you from participating ;)
  2. If you find that your character is not taking any damage in combat, raise the game difficulty! This will give you more experience & better rewards and level you up faster. :)
  3. On the other hand If you find yourself losing all the time and have to drink a potion on every battle, lower the game difficulty and move on a village till you are better equipped. (You are equipped right???)
  4. Each opponent in an encounter give extra XP & you get more experience when you win ;)
  5. Clicking on the enemy portrait will give you an overview of their Dodge, Absorb Damage, Weapon Damage and other qualities. Use this info!
  6. After Lvl 5+ you can Travel and reset your Dailies. This practically means you can play the Event quest till your finger bleeds or you get bored of clicking :P

There isn't any limit on the amount of trophies you can collect or exchange, or the amount of Gold and Crystals you can earn as long as you don't cheat. ;) 

At this point let me open a parenthesis and give you a friendly speech on cheating, for absolutely no reason than to get it out of the way, and inform you on our cheating policies. 

Click-bots, playing the game in more than 1 tab at the same time, using the browser console etc. might seem smart, but  is  cheating.  

If you think that none will suspect, let me tell you a secret. It 
does  leave traces in your game records, quest states etc. 

So we 
DO know when someone abuses a bug or cheats and you will get caught.  

If you think that we won't care, that since we don't make any money from this game, there is nothing for us to lose if you cheat. You couldn't be more wrong. Perhaps you don't understand our motivation in creating Erannorth yet. Let me give you a hint. It's not money. 

Cheating is hurting every player in the game who face the game challenges with the might of our swords or spells and not our cheat bots! And the penalty for that in Elos is death! 

Cheating dear folks is a surefire way to lose your accounts and have your IP banned from our servers permanently! So don't do that! 

If you have, we'll know it, so kindly reset your character while you still can, and start over an honest playthrough ;)  

We do believe in second chances. But not on third chances... 

That's all folks! 

See you in Erannorth! 

Spyros Thalassinos, Erannorth Lead Developer