Eric Rook (E/Limonada)
A struggling artist. Talented, actually. Unemployed, unemployable. Paralyzed by fear. A neurotic, depressive mess who overthinks things and makes a fool of himself and ends up sabotaging every friendship or romantic relationship he has, because on some level he doesn't think he deserves to be happy.

Lottie has more patience with Eric than most people do. She knows his heart is in the right place, but he's just afraid, and generally a weirdo. They start as friends and begin dating, off and on, breaking up after Eric leaves a rambling phone message where he proposes marriage.

Lottie's friends Leslie and Sharon, having noticed that Lottie was happier when she was with Eric, conspire to bring the two back together. Lottie gives Eric another chance.

Artist of "The Heart and the Crown," a visual novel by Lottie Baird.

We don't hear from this guy much. When we do, he talks a lot. When he's not speaking, he seems worryingly damaged. Although considering the Cube operates outside of linear time, this may be a case of future events imprinting upon the past. He looks like he's seen a ghost, because at some point he will. The Cube version of Eric is also known as conscioushumansouls.