ERO Latest Public Release

This post is for the latest public release of ERO, to give all newcomers a one-stop spot to pick up the latest version in case it may be hard to find amongst the posts! ^.^

ERO 3.8 features:
-Added the Tiny Bulge, Tiny Butt, and Tiny Chest traits.
-Made the menu display and close a bit cleaner.
-Toned down the Flirty buffs' weight on a Sim's  mood, though you can always disable these buffs entirely by going to  Global Settings and turning them off if you don't want them to affect a  Sim at all. 😊

ERO 3.7 features:
-Fixed a few minor bugs.
-Added the rest of the nationality traits of the world. No, really!

ERO 3.6 features:
-Added support for opening all ERO Settings interactions and debug (shift+click) interactions through the relationship panel, including for Sims who are not currently spawned.
-Fixed some icons that turned into llamas when involving a Sim who was not currently spawned.
-Added nationality traits: Algerian, Andorran, Angolan, Antiguan, Argentine, Aruban, Bahamian, Bahraini, Bangladeshi, Barbadian, Barbudan, Belizean, Beninese, Bhutanese, Bissau-Guinean, Bolivian, Bonairean, Bosnian, Brazilian, Bruneian, Burkinabe, Burmese, Burundian
-Added Italian translation by Bizarro.
-Added German translation by Ulrike.
-Added Brazilian Portuguese translation by Ayrthwil.

(S4CL version 1.75 or later required:

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