Erolon - Build Progress Update! (April 2019)

Greetings everyone! We're seeing an increasing interest in Erolon the past several weeks, which is likely due to some of the scene teasers we've been sharing! ;)

We wanted to outline what our plans are for the coming month in April, and the builds we are planning to release!

Our main goal this past month has been catching up on the artwork for several scenes in the game, since it fell behind due to the artist changeover.

As such, the next build for Erolon will focus on adding brand new scenes for the Mage and Paladin characters! The development build will arrive in April, so if you're in our $10+ tier, be sure to keep an eye out for it! A public version will be released later on.

Afterward, the follow up update will contain a brand new dungeon to loot and explore, and you'll get to encounter the Cleric and have her join your party!

It's going to be an active and busy April for us, but we're looking forward to bringing you some great new content, along with awesome artwork from Avante!

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