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Escape from Kadash
          Keena looked up to the sky, her palms sweating as she gripped the controls. Water fell from the ship in crystalline tendrils towards the writhing ocean looming below. When the virgin wings of The Phoenix shuddered in the wind, her precious cargo shuddered with it - a Dark Tribe girl and her mother, huddled in the darkness and cramped safety of a small closet off the main walkway. The girl sat silent and still, her mother singing a gentle lullaby of her tribe, both unseeing witnesses to the looming doom. The void above heard the Kaltoran song and eagerly answered in kind with the booming thrum of its swelling rage. 

          Keena's eyes widened as the scene before her unfolded - huge obsidian shards falling from the sky towards the only home she'd ever known. Sinews of lightning flickered between the jagged asteroids of death forming a web of destruction bound for the roiling waves of Kadash. Keena breathed low and calm as her eyes danced across the paths she might take through the maelstrom of rock. In the deep black of what lay before her, an impossible glimpse of the other side suddenly appeared. She tightened her grip and jammed the thrusters, hurling The Phoenix and the three souls it carried towards the only glimmer of hope left in the sundered sky - the bright stars of Haven.