An Escape Pod Update!
Today we are changing the way we run The Escape Pod Podcast!

From this day forth, general podcasts, discussions, and reviews will not be numbered as episode, but will just be titled "The Escape Pod: TITLE HERE"

We realized that things would get too messy later on down the line, especially when we implement this next thing...

Episodes will be typically 20 minutes! A complain we received was that episodes were way too long, and not at a consumable level. So things will typically be from 15 to 25 minutes, unless they are a part of our retrospectives like Star Trek, which are special events, and not a part of our main series.

It wasn't just because people wanted shorter episodes, but we are able to pump out more episodes faster. It takes us a week or so to edit an hour long episode, with the way we run our show.

Focusing on 15 to 25 minute episodes will get stuff out to you faster then before!

This also means a lot of things will be cut into 2 parts, so we are going to work on refining that.

We mainly just want to get more content out you guys faster, and we want to be able to work on Pavel Hall and Jawesome Possum as well.

Today I am working on the next Escape Pod episode, as well as going back and redo thumbnails and titles!

Let's us know how you think about this change? Also be sure to spread this Patreon around to more people so we can do more wacky stuff!