Escher Girls site update!

Hi everybody!

I hope you all had a great holiday!  I just wanted to give everyone an update on the site move!  I know I haven't updated since the holidays began because of holiday stuff, but I got a domain and hosting, and me and my friend are working on importing Escher Girls over.  We've set up the hosting and server software and are now in the initial stages of setting up the site and importing the backed up archive.  :3  I'm hoping that we can get the site up soon.

My friend helping me is Socketwench, who is really cool and awesome.  You can see her work (both in website design and other creative works) at her site here: and her Patreon is here in case you want to support her work:  She is donating her time to help me (she doesn't want me to pay her) so if you want to check her stuff out, it would be pretty cool!

Anyway, so far Escher Girls is still up on Tumblr and hasn't been removed, although Tumblr has been sending me a lot of notifications lately that they've detected "adult content" on my posts and hidden them, so I wonder if at some point they'll just decide the blog is adult content?  I've been disputing the flags and often they come back cleared.  Everything is backed up anyway and hopefully the new site will open soon!

Some people have asked if I will cross-post to Tumblr even after the new site is up and I haven't decided yet.  I guess it depends what happens to Tumblr going forward?  In the meantime, I think I will wrap up the caption contest on Tumblr since I know I've had that unfinished for a month now and maybe make a few new posts until the site is ready.  I'm super duper excited about this and I hope you'll all love the finished product!

Ami :3

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