Escort to Tenderness - Chapter 6

Norma Jackson will officially be on the other side of thirty on her next birthday, and her cousin refuses to let her spend that not-quite-a-milestone alone. Enter Max Worthington, Founder and CEO of Dream Dude LLC, who fulfills a favor by helping Norma find her Dream Date for her special day. However, both Norma and Max begin to realize her Dream Dude isn’t listed on the Website and this birthday fling may have some forever legs on it.

(c) 2016 by Savannah J. Frierson. Beta read by the awesome LaVerne Thompson. Please forgive any lingering errors and enjoy!

This story is for mature audiences only!


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Max was not a stranger to the wealth of feelings clients would experience during Dream Dates. He’d held more women, dried more tears, soothed more hurts and disappointments than he could count; but watching Norma navigate whatever emotional tumult to the resolve that now settled upon her features without his active aid had been astounding.

He also didn’t like it. Not because he was selfish enough to have that glory for himself, but rather because it showed she was too adept and holding herself together. She’d probably had more cracks rend her walls tonight than she’d had in years, and she’d admitted she wasn’t used to physical affection.

A damn hug for her birthday. That was ri-fucking-diculous. And a little too close to home.

Norma Jackson was not a singular client. She was one of a number who were similar in reluctance and who analyzed what this Date experience could mean for them after the money was exchanged and goodbyes were said. Max didn’t bother trying to figure out the source because usually, the women were trying to get away from it. And, too, figuring out that puzzle meant emotional investment, and emotional investment was anathema in this line of work.

Norma Jackson was worth the entirety of his life savings.

Max’s eyes opened at her touch. He hadn’t even realized he’d closed them, but he supposed the detonation of that truth bomb caused such an automatic response.  Her palm was soft and warm against his jaw. He tilted his hand to brush his lips against the heel of her palm but to do anything else would’ve been absurd.  Her fingers teased his left sideburn and he shivered at her gentle touch, his eyes closing again.

“I want it romantic,” Norma whispered.  “I want tenderness and romance and to give them as much as receive them.”

Oh, Holy Jesus, he wanted them, too—every drop of affection she could spare.

His eyes still closed, Max brought the center of her palm to his lips with both of his hands. He pressed a long kiss upon her life line, and swayed with the mattress as she shifted closer to him.  His mouth dragged down to her wrist, feeling the rapid pulse underneath the delicate skin, and smiled as her fingers combed through the curls upon his forehead.

“These glasses though…”

He laughed now and shrugged. “They’re staying on until I go to sleep because I don’t want to miss a second of you.”

She giggled, which had the unwelcome effect of removing her hand from his person so she could cover her mouth. Max growled his dismay and buried his face into her neck. She still smelled like pineapples and he moaned. She gasped and whimpered, stretching out next to him and bucking her hips into the air.


His name on her sigh made him twitch in his shorts. He’d heard it cloaked in arousal before, and yet this was the first time in a long while that he couldn’t ignore his own reaction in favor of hers. His body acknowledged the woman beside him was too profound to be a client. She’d tapped into something he’d long thought would remain locked forever.

“Norma,” he murmured, letting his lips caress her skin with the shape of her name. She shivered and stretched her arm about his stomach to draw him closer. He ended up draping her right side, though he was mindful not to put too much of his weight on her.  He pulled back and cupped her cheek, thrilled by her blown pupils and swollen bottom lip that she must’ve been biting.

“Good?” he asked.

“I am,” she replied.  “You?”

He drew closer to her face and drifted the backs of his fingers along her dark cheek. “Good. I really want to kiss you now.”

She smiled sheepishly, scrunching her nose, and it was such a precious sight to him. “I’m incredibly out of practice, just a warning.”

“I’ll be more than happy to get you back up to speed,” he whispered, touching his nose to hers. She was so soft and pliant underneath him. Her body was the best kind of aphrodisiac, and he couldn’t stop himself from squeezing her ample hips in her hands. She quivered and giggled again, making him smile in response.

“A kiss and sleep,” she recalled, framing his face in her hands. “And suddenly, I ain’t too sleepy.”

Max hummed his approval at her words and kissed her upper lip, grinning at her disappointed mew.  She wriggled underneath him and spread her legs, and he could do naught but settle his hips into the cradle of her plush thighs. It took all of his effort not to grind into her heat, and there was no hiding his arousal. It was amazing how much he’d missed his libido until he’d discovered it again.

Max relished the give and spring of Norma’s body. He was aware of how his hands trembled as they drifted along her form, curving over the generous dips and valleys she possessed. Her stomach was one of his favorite destinations. It was round like a dome and quivered with sensitivity to his light touch. He didn’t delve below her clothes though he wanted to see if she were as soft everywhere else as she was on her arms and neck and face. He suspected so, but validation of it would be welcome too.

Throughout all of this, Max nibbled and tugged on her upper lip, keeping her the recipient and him the giver. This was part one of her boons, after all, and he didn’t want to overwhelm her too much. He felt the unpracticed, mistimed purse of her mouth underneath his, the unsure squeeze of her hands upon his arms as if trying to find the right placement and pressure with which to hold him. He wanted to ask how long it’d been, if she were so unused to a hug and a kiss that they were relegated to birthday gifts. Yet he recalled her brilliant eyes and her rough reaction when he’d teased her about Sleeping Beauty. He knew well that the sound of a laugh was different when it came from a place of pain instead of mirth. That was how he’d laughed for the majority of his childhood; and even now, he was more familiar with that sound even though he had much more pleasure in his life.

Norma was a pleasure, one he didn’t want to think about relinquishing in three days’ time, so he gathered her closer and kissed her harder, though only just. He groaned softly when she cradled his face in her hands, felt his heart swell with the tenderness she gave and the curious return presses of her lips against his. He opened his mouth upon hers but kept his tongue in check, enveloping her full lips to suck on them, trying to draw the mint toothpaste from her mouth and the pineapple sweetness he scented upon her. She chuckled throatily, moving her hands to his neck to twist her fingers in his dark-brown curls, and he smiled as he ended their kiss.

“You like my hair,” he noted.

“I like more than that,” she said, her voice deeper, more syrupy than before.

He nipped at the rounded point of her nose and laughed when she scrunched her face.  “What else?”

She shrugged, now smoothing her palms down his back to his flanks. “I like you’re big all over.”

“I used to play football,” he said. “Linebacker. I could’ve gone to the draft, but I wasn’t passionate enough to give it my body for the next decade—if I were lucky.”

Norma nodded. She was caressing his flanks now, and she had no qualms about going underneath his tank top. Max hummed and grabbed a healthy thigh to drape upon his hip. His erection pressed more into her center, making her hiss and him sigh.

“I like you all over, too, Norma Jackson,” Max said, stroking the back of her thigh from her raised knee to the glorious curve of her behind.  Her small smile became a beam, so much so her eyes crinkled at the corners. He smiled as well, dropping his forehead to hers.

“You like the fact I’m big all over?” Norma asked, though it was more teasing than fishing.

“Oh, I do like me a whole lotta woman,” Max assured, squeezing her love handles affectionately.  “I like the feel of you underneath me very much. I think I’d like the feel of you on top of me too.”

“Can you stay where you are, though?” she asked, pausing her strokes at his sides. “I really like the weight of you.”

He nodded, then asked, “Can I make a quick adjustment?”

She looked bemused, yet curious, and eventually nodded.  He pressed a quick kiss to her cheek then slid down her body until his cheek lay against her chest.  He felt the quiet power of her laugh vibrate underneath him and he didn’t bother stopping his happy sigh when her arms closed about him.

“Do you want me to kiss the top of your head too?” she asked.

He snuggled into her softness. “I’m game.”

She snickered above him, but the kiss came to the crown of his head and he smiled.

“Again…the glasses…”

Max huffed, not nearly inclined to move, but he did lift his head just enough to take off the glasses before he reached across her to set them on her nightstand.  She eyed him but he ignored it, burrowing back into the generous mounds of her breasts while draping his arm about her belly.  Their legs tangled together and Norma began a steady pass of her fingers through his hair.  He became drowsy, his blurry vision hiding behind the darkness of his eyelids.

“Are you fallin’ asleep?” she asked, her voice still thick and slow.

“You’re so soothing,” he said by way of answer. “Soft and soothing.”

He began to nuzzle her left breast with his nose, letting the point graze her nipple. It hardened underneath the shirt, a small pebble he wanted to lick and mouth. His tongue became heavy with the desire so he pressed it hard against his teeth.  This cuddle session would become something else entirely if he gave into temptation.

“Glad I could be of service,” she murmured against his crown, and he sighed deeply.

“I’m supposed to be servicing you,” he mumbled, stroking her belly from her waist to the underside of her breast and back. He could not stop touching her, caressing her.

“You are,” she promised.  “A kiss and a cuddle and a hold throughout the night. I’ve gotten the kiss; we’re doin’ the cuddle; and the sleepin’ is upon us.”

She said the last part on a yawn, which made him yawn and close his eyes. He didn’t bother opening them again as he continued to speak.

“I hope the kissing wasn’t just for tonight.”

“No,” she said, tugging his hair playfully. He smiled. “Them lips are mine until I leave.”

“All of me is yours,” he corrected automatically. A peace settled upon him at that statement, making his limbs heavy enough to sink into Norma with complete abandon.

Max did not mean just until Monday.