Let's talk about the Sav-a-lot up the street shall we?!?!
This store is a disaster. Last time I was in there someone was getting escorted out by security for fighting with their girlfriend over the "soda tax." I went and got my groceries and when i got in line there was 1 lane open and 10,000 people backed up to the meat as usual. So I waited in line and when it's finally my turn the girl goes "I need to drop my drawer" or something. I thought she was gonna take off her pants. That didn't happen!! Instead she left her station so there was NO cashiers at sav a lot. and a line like I've never seen before. But yet there were 2 MEN ARMED WITH GUNS AKA "security guards" standing in the front of the store THE ENTIRE TIME....SO, after about 3 minutes the girl comes back and rings out my groceries and i am getting the stuff out of my cart (that I had to get from outside because no one brings the carts inside!) She is ringing my groceries out and she is PANICKING. I am like "Calm down. Why are they putting you in this situation? You shouldn't have to do this and work like this, this is not how we treat people." I looked at all the people around me and the people in line. They either didn't understand English, didn't care, were smiling, shook their head in agreement, or all of the above. The girl was like "Yup it's always like this" and I am like..."Yup it is always like this" in both my internal dialogue AND out loud. so I guess that's just what it is. Sav A Lot on Castor. 1 Star for sure. You might see a fight. you might see a gun. they probably don't have what you need. there's an 80% chance some "minority" will butt in front of you with 2 carts of groceries and you'll get into arguments about that and almost start a race war! PHEW! Always on a tangent, I'm sorry. Someone might say this is GONZO tho. That's all I hope for. Anyway, yea, don't shop there. Last resort. You don't want to experience it I promise you. 
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