ESP33 driven 205 LED matrix test.
Finally things are cooperating! I'm happy. Instagram has a video! Thank you for your support Mat
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  • *Early access the tutorial files.
  • *Credit in the video description
  • *Eternally forgiven for using Adblock!

All project files are released with a 3 day exclusive access to my Patreon Supporters. These are Tasker Files, RaspberryPi Scripts, ESP files and NodeRED flows.

After this period, the ready-made files are available to all. You can still recreate each project by following the instructions. 

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 All rewards from  Early Access and:

  • *Credit as the Supporter's Special at the end of video
  • *Access to the Publishing Calendar
  • *Access to To-Do and Ideas (awaiting better implementation)

Currently, I'm working with Google Calendar, Tasks And Google Keep to organise the posting schedule. You will receive the link to the calendar so you would know when the articles are up!

I'm still working on the best way to integrate the to-do and Ideas  to share it with Patreons.

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 All rewards from  Supporter's Special  and:

  • *Your name in credit as the Practically a Crew Member 
  •  *Access to my drafted articles 

Some articles have to wait until I can realse it. This tier gives you the access to everything that has been queued for one reason or the other.

Almost Shareholders
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 All rewards from  Crew Member and:


  • *Your name in credit as the Almost Shareholders 
  • *Help with your individual projects

I will take my time to help you guys (if I'm able to) with your projects. This does't mean I'm hired to create projects for you, but I'm happy to share what I learned so far. 

Production Extraordinaire
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 All rewards from  Almost Shareholders and:

  • *Your name in credit as the Executive Assistant Extraordinaire
  • *Invitation to Podcast/Livestream as a guest
  • *Personal mentions in videos

Special (personal) thank you at the end of each video , your name (or nickname) would be listed in the Executive Assistant section of the video,   

I'm planning on hosting a regular show, talking about tech, news and and NotEnoughTech related stuff. You would be asked from time to time, if you wish to participate (voice/video)

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