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The Essential Longing of Soul and Flesh
Greetings my friends, Patrons!

It's a wonderful rainy day here in Downtown Los Angeles. Having been rather concerned about the drought I am ever so grateful for the rain. As is my gratitude for you. Your support of this work I make ensures that there is food on my table. And I am so grateful for you! Thank you so much for supporting another creation of mine. It is such a pleasure to work towards not only the creation of new work, but the revealing of it to supportive eyes.

With much love, I reveal to you my newest piece of art entitled,

"The Essential Longing of Soul and Flesh"

The genesis for this piece came in the form of a short story, which I started but didn't finish writing, opting in the end for the visual art instead. Here's the story in brief:

There's this seed; a tiny seed, almost microscopic in size. This seed has the coding and all the potential of a human body, but it has not yet become. In this dark, thick, black space between becoming and being, it has an ever so slight awareness of itself. Despite this awareness, it has no soul, no personality - but just enough awareness to ache for one. It aches for the partnership of a soul, which will finally, fully bring the seed into being.

Across the universe, there's this light, the light of a soul zipping around through space and time.  The soul is having a wonderful time of it, crossing vast expanses of space, shooting through the dark blue-black sky, mingling with galaxies, orbiting around planets. Like the seed, the soul has an awareness of itself, and a deep longing to be housed in flesh and blood. If the soul could feel, it would ache for the partnership of flesh. But it cannot feel, and oh how it wants to feel.

It is the longing of the two individual parts which attracts them together and allows them to realize their full potential in this primary, internal relationship. They become one, as the flesh is a vehicle for the soul, allowing for an endless variety of experiences which cause the both soul and flesh to grow and mature.

* * * * * *

As I pondered this idea (which I am suddenly quite fond of), I imagined what such a courting would look like, what would it feel like...and this is what happened.  I love the softness of the piece, the quiet longing that emanates from them both.

I hope you like it. As always, I am curious what you guys think!

Oh, and yes, this is the follow up to the earlier post where I shared the background with the clouds and the blue sky. It did change quite a bit, but I think you might recognize it's also still the same.

Funny how that works. Things change, but even when they change, they are still similar to themselves...

With so much love,

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