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Eternal Crusade: Response to AngryJoe's Stream
After playing a round of eternal crusade I found out that AngryJoe was playing on the enemy team and had quite a few things to say about the game he was in. So The next day I watched was he had streamed and I wish to make this video in response which was my footage of the same game from my perspective.

Here is AngryJoe's video in question:
Here are the main points I wish to address in this response video:
1:35:00 Clans in Eternal Crusade driving development
1:38:00 Clans discourage new players
1:39:00 Map Design and Objectives
1:39:00 Clans/Founders have overpowered weapons?!?
1:42:00 Predator vs Predator Battles
1:45:00 The Devs don't have the ability or Knowledge to balance.
And Generally about Vindicators, Predators, Rhinos, Quad Guns and the Harkus map.

Link to Dev's Data mentioned in the video: