Ethan, a memory for his Dad
I recently finished this commission. One of the most challenging pieces I have done, not for its complexity but the story behind it. I had been sitting painting in a cafe in Mount Evelyn, Melbourne, and a fellow came up and asked if I did portraits.

He went on to tell me about an accident that had happened only a month previously with his sons Mum and sisters. His Mum and the little boy Ethan died as they were coming home from a holiday away, the car had ran off the road.  (I remembered the story on the news very much and had even sent up a prayer for the family at the time!)

His Dad spoke so fondly of the memories he had had with his son. The pain was obviously so deep. The holidays, the times at the beach and in the bush, fishing.

I took the job on, not having done many portraits, it was a good challenge to face, but at the same time very confronting. Life has its twists and turns, never do you really know what each day will bring. He says its easier to face each day at the moment, but the pain is still there, this painting in some way was another step in his grieving process, and I dearly hope it will bring him peace and a smile as he faces each day without him.