Ethereum - week analysis .5 [Update]
Good morning all.

This is the 4H chart.

ETH form a pin structure last few days, this indicates the equality of buyers and sellers at this point.

But the important note is not who will win, but who can continue. The blue rectangle shows you a window of movements that should happen soon, this window is like boundaries for buyers and seller between (175:275) about 100 points up and down.

We have 50% for each scenario, but the most important resistance for buyers is at (275) which is (R1) on the chart, next is standing at (331) (R2) on the chart.

So, anyway the serious fear is not at this point but the next one, For me I think a small down wave is coming as the price actually had been established above the down channel so it will not be so hard drop (if to happen).

One more thing, the signal for buy positions is about to get stronger just a break out is needed.

If a break up happens it will be fast toward (275) Otherwise, if a down to happen it will not be so hard, I'm with buyers now even if it goes down a little down.

Also, the space for uptrend is not facing many resistance on Fibonacci indicator, so it may be the next wave is for buyers.

I see a new trend or channel is about to be created soon.

So, my advice is to buy at each support with a low amount of your money just for safety.

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