ETL News Ep16 -- Binge This!
For Stranger Days it was love at first sight, I was so happy that the series lived up to all of the excitement I had for it. It truly is an awesome show and I hope everyone else digs it too. Keep an eye out tomorrow for a Patron exclusive (for now)! It's something that's very personal to me and I hope that you enjoy it. Again, thank you for being a Patron!

Reboot Rant - Stranger Things - Nintendo to sell tiny NES - Movie Tickets are Expensive -Rogue One may not have an Opening Crawl - Xbox One S release date Revealed - Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to PS4 - New Serenity Comic! - Life is Strange Episode One is Now FreeDead Rising coming to PS4? - Ghostbusters Deleted Dance Scene - Chekov will Not be Recast - Reading Star Trek: Beyond Reviews Thrawn is Canon 

ETL News Ep16