Eulogy. It's a melancholy affair.
Hello beautiful patrons,

Mishkin here. How has your January been so far? 

I can't complain, I've been taking a much needed break from the cold and bleak UK and travelling round Japan and New Zealand. With just a few more days left I feel inspired to kick-start 2017 with new energy and make it another smash-worthy year for the birds.

However, I've not been completely idle, I've almost finished editing our next music video EULOGY, which will be this month's "thing".

It's a very dark and melancholy music video, featuring just myself, the town of Brighton and a bottle of Jim Beam. Let's just say it might be a little close to the bone and some of you may have experienced this too. I wanted to make a very frank and honest music video, holding nothing back from the fact that I've struggled and continue to struggle with depression and sometimes it just gets the better of you... watch the trailer here  

Of course, there will be lots of tidy extras too... let's have a look at this months Patreon goodies...

1. ($1+ tiers) A violin vocal special recorded version of Eulogy, performed in a shed somewhere in New Zealand, featuring Hana + Mishkin. Will be available as mp3/wav download and matching music video. Raise your pledge to just $3 to receive OFFICIAL music video!

2. ($3/5+ tiers) The OFFICIAL music video for Eulogy (a whole month before public release! $5+ get it on 24th $3+ get it on 27th.

3. ($15+ tiers) My personal video blog will feature bits from my travels in Japan & New Zealand including footage from the top of a volcano... I will also speak about the harrowing meaning behind "Eulogy", and why it's the most truthful and hardest song I've ever written.

4. ($50+ tiers) Limited edition merchandise this month is a personal letter + signed postcard from Japan + a one of a kind little momento from the Eulogy video... ;)

Next month we'll have more "fly-on-the-wall" stuff for our Hawk tiers, and we'll be uploading lots of unseen pictures for our Swan tier drive too.

Any questions of requests? Let me know I LOVE to hear from you guys :)

Love & Feathers all the way from down-under,

Mishkin xx