I just want to take the top of this post to express my heartfelt thanks first of all to my first patron, a dear friend of mine who has been patiently waiting and standing behind me for many years while also inspiring me to think and perceive in new ways, and keeping me on my toes!

Thank you, Haisla, my incredible and talented friend (you will want to see her page, buh-leeve me!)

When I opened this page to showcase my work, I hadn't a sodding clue how this would actually operate. I have spent many hours over the past few days now, just tinkering and re-writing, and probably over thinking several shares' worth, but I have finally figured out what I want from signing up for this service and how I will implement that into action. So thank you as well to anyone who has been watching this page and wondering why words and images shift around and pop in and out of existence so often. I got this now.

My $1 tier is for photo collages of each piece that I am working on. If I am making a sash set, for instance, that will most likely be the only patron-only image I post that week, aside from the finished product. If I am weaving a large blanket or a shawl, very likely it will be a similar story. If I weave a sitting blanket somewhere in the middle, that will very likely be a week with two patron-paid in-process postings and two public postings of finished work. I won't be posting photo collages of lone small pieces like single headbands or single quarterbags, because I value your support - I do not wish to take advantage of it.

My $5 tier is for longer, patron-only videos of my larger work at some point in the middle of the piece, where I may also show other pieces in close detail that I haven't posted here, so I can talk about what I'm doing the same or differently. I also talk a bit about how I weave, and how cultural teachings I have received about weaving inform my own perspective on what I'm doing. I plan on posting two of these videos per month, rather than posting one per project - which would be significantly more than twice a month, typically, and again, I do not want to abuse any support I receive through this service.

Thank you so much, current and future patrons, and even current and future fans of my work and people who are just curious and/or find my weaving aesthetic pleasing. It means a lot to me to have all these forms of support, to have your patience while I work to figure things out, and to have the privilege of capturing your interest in what I'm doing.

Hoy chexw a!

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