The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained
Hey everybody, we did an emergency video about the refugee crisis. In the last few weeks we read so much misinformation on the internet that we felt we have to clear things up and take a stance. We started working on it this Saturday morning and basically worked 24/7 until an hour ago. We did not sleep a whole lot so please excuse if my english is a bit screwed up right now.

This video does not include credits, a link to this patreon or something like that. It also does not contain the name of Patrons. We feel we have to treat this topic differently, with more respect, less than a regular video – I hope you guys understand – A list of names will be in the next video. There will be a horrible amount of vile in the comment section and we would have felt bad if your names would have been related to it (for example in a google search!).

Ok. We desperately need to sleep for a few hours. Lots of stuff is coming up in the next three months, can’t wait until you see it.