Eva Bartlett Interview - Gaza, Syria and North Korea: The Truth Behind The Lies
An interview on The Last American Vagabond, November 18. (I've been multi-tasking and doing some paid-labour, so apologies for getting this up belatedly.) I appreciate very much that Ryan put all of the links I send him related to our conversation. Please do check out his other videos and support his work! 

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In his introductory remarks, he writes:

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the Truth is truly a  revolutionary act, and that has never been more apparent than in today’s  hyper-partisan climate, where facts no longer hold sway, and one's  opinion is now only as strong as the crowd that surrounds it. It has  been conditioned over many years into the masses that the way they feel,  is now more important than the facts at hand. Now some may say that is a  good thing, that information is so manipulated today, that all we have  is the way we feel, our gut instincts. But once we realize that our  feelings have long been programmed and manufactured by way of news media  and entertainment, the very feelings we are now being told to trust, we  begin to see the long-term agenda at play -- the manufactured consent  of the masses. So it has never been more important to question  everything, to trust in facts, to trust in what we can prove, as we in  the independent media must do better, we must be better, or we will wake  up down the line, and realize that we have become the very thing we  once despised. And no one embodies the journalistic integrity that is  all but absent in MSM today, more so than Eva Bartlett. 

Eva is, in my opinion, one of the last surviving investigative journalists, she has made a name for herself as an independent writer and rights activist by traveling to places such as Gaza, Syria, and North Korea, and revealing to the world the stark contrast between want we are told is happening there, and what is actually taking place." 

Discussion Source Material: 

-UN Conference on Syria (Full Conference) - Sovereignty and Peace. Press Conference, United Nations, 9 Dec  (VIDEO) 

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-Tipperary’s White Helmets Peace Prize: A Judas Kiss to the Antiwar Movement and Syria 

-The REAL Syria Civil Defence, Saving Real Syrians, NOT Oscar Winning White Helmets, Saving Al Qaeda

-Omran Daqneesh (the Boy in the Ambulance):  

-MintPress Meets The Father Of Iconic Aleppo Boy, Who Says Media Lied About His Son  

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-Support for President Assad, and anecdotes from government-secured areas:  

  -Updates From on the Ground in Syria: June to August 11 -Syrians Flock to Vote in Lebanon… But Not in The West 

-Homs: “We wanted to protect our house” 

-“freedom”: Homs resident speaks of the early days of the “crisis” (June 2014)  

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-North Korea/the DPRK:  

-Photo-Report: The North Korea Neither Trump Nor Western Media Wants The World To See  

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-To Read/Follow on Yemen:  

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-Marwa Osman on Twitter  

-Stop The War On Yemen (Marwa Osman video)

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