Eve of Equinox ~ BIG NEWS AND SHIFT

Falling into you 

I enter the mirror 

Of my beloved 

Perfection at the center 

This beating heart 

So completely my own 

Finds a sine wave 

In your perfect undulation 

Water in my roots 

~ Katie Stellar, “Eve of Equinox” 


(public post) 

Salutations, patrons, and Happy Equinox! 

I hope the changing season finds you and yours well. Summer is melting away, and we greet the fading colors of fall once again. I began this post on the floor of a loft in Emeryville, CA. I continued it while I sat on a chair in the sky, chasing the sunrise across the horizon.

Now, as I hit publish, I’m in a hotel room in Detroit, MI, a hop, skip and jump from the Canadian border. I'm here to help make World Dream Day happen ~ more about that amazingness in a later post!

It’s over a month since my last update. I did not anticipate or intend this mini sabbatical from posting; but so things sometimes go. They say that life is what happens while you're making other plans, and lately I've been trying to give my attention wholly to the unfolding.

It's been a contemplative, creative, and deeply transformative time for me. Here on the other side, I'm excited to announce some major changes taking place around these parts.

First, and most importantly ~ 

This Patreon has, at last, adopted a per-creation pledge structure!

*heralding trumpet sounds* *much rejoicing, yaaaaaaay*

(The change hasn’t officially gone through yet, but I’ve hit Go on the process. It should be updated and finalized within the next few days.)

So now you’re probably thinking, “That's great, Stellar! What does it MEAN?”

It means ~ well, a lot. Both for you, the Mightily Beloved Patron; and for me, the Creator. I'll start, however, with the TL;DR of how you're affected.

From now on, instead of getting automatically charged every month, you'll only be charged when I Create and Share Something on here.

Starting next week, before the first of October, I will publish my first paid post. Every paid post I make will release content to you, the patron, in one of THREE forms: a new song; an audio & written poem; or a short story/essay/some form of written piece.

If you are, like me, on a budget, this change I’m making requires action on your part.

Basically, if you want to continue supporting my work once a month (like you have been), YOU MUST NOW TELL PATREON TO CAP YOUR PLEDGE!

Here is how you do that (instructions here, I’ve replicated them below):

  1. Log in to your Patreon account, and navigate to https://www.patreon.com/pledges

  2. Find your pledge to me, and click “Edit” on the right side

  3. Check the box next to “Optional: set a monthly max on your pledge”

  4. Type in the maximum number of times you want to support per month

  5. Scroll down and click the orange “Save Changes” button

I will probably publish one paid post per month at first. It seems unlikely I'll ever post more than two in the same month, but it may happen. And I'm sure there will be months where I don't make any paid posts.

Regardless, take a moment now & complete the steps above if you want to limit how many times a month you receive content from me, and how often your pledge gets processed.

Go, do it now! You can come back and finish this post once you're done.


Turning this massive gift of a platform into a per-creation structure is a shift I've been working towards for months. I'm so pleased to finally be making it. A little nervous, too. Exhilarated.

It actually feels very similar to how I felt last year, when I followed the encouragement of friends and made a Patreon of my own. Like I've just taken a breath, spread my invisible wings, and jumped.

Many of you were here with me that first month, turning my wings visible as I stepped off the cliff of my old life. With your support, I flew into the open sky of a new, different, creative kind of life.

Fifteen months later, what a journey that open sky has given me. All those months ~ especially the last nine on the road ~ have fueled within me the most enormous creative and spiritual growth. I and my life have been totally transformed by this journey. I can safely say, with inspired and quiet joy: I am solidly and enchantingly on the path of my truest self.

And I have no intention of stopping. Only expanding.

And all of this has been, 100%, made possible by you. What you give here each month ~ despite the at-times erratic nature of what you’ve received in content, posts and perks ~ has allowed my life, my art, and my music to become something I'd hardly dared imagine it could be.

Thank you, beloveds, for believing in me.


It's the twentieth of September as I write and publish this post.

It seems fitting, though of course I didn't plan it.

But as I look at the dates, it's been exactly nine months to the day since I bid farewell to my life in Texas, and gave my soul to the road.

Nine months ago, Dedan was passing through the veil. And I was asking Laura to pull over at a tiny motel in the middle of nowhere Texas, so I could steal their WiFi and email “Leaves” to the room where his family held vigil.

It played in the room before he departed the Earth  ~ a miracle, an omen, a start to my life as a full-time artist that will always, always be with me.

Nine months ago, I was mourning him, celebrating the release of my demo, recording the first Seventh String songs with Laura, and celebrating solstice in the land where I greeted this world.

Nine months ago, I had absolutely no idea what shifts, dreams, and actualizations lay ahead of me.

But I know, now. I've lived them. They've been living me. And I’m finally ready to turn them all into a whole lot of new art.


Good lord, there’s SO much more to catch you up on. But this post is already running long, and I’ve had one hour of sleep in the last 36 hours. I’m about to hit the ground running with World Dream Day here in Detroit.

But there’s one final bit to share, and then explain a little more later. And it's something that’s rather big.

It’s very likely that, sometime in the next few months, after my year of traveling is over, I will be settling down again…

...and moving back to the Bay Area. :-)

Hahaha, man. It feels scary and wonderful to type that. Picturing you reading that sentence, dear Patron, I imagine that some of you are quite happy about this news. And that maybe some others, well, not quite so much.

There’s a lot of good reasons for it. Laura is there, number one. She moves into her new place in a week or so. We’ve been having strong rehearsals every week lately, and begun building some great musical connections in the area. Musically and professionally, everything about this choice feels good.

(There’s another, more personal reason too. But I’ll save that for the next update. *wink*)

Austin patrons and family ~ it’s hard to share this news with you. I miss you all so much. The idea of not living around all of you all the time anymore….it wounds. I’m sure I will need to come visit rather frequently. We’ll be back in town for awhile soon, most likely in January to *more heralding trumpets* record the debut Seventh String album! (Some of you reading this are going to be involved. :D) I’m sure I’ll want to make it back in the springtime, too; and who knows how long the album will actually take.

TL;DR: I may be ready to leave the city of Austin behind; but the tribe, connection and family I have built there will remain in my heart always. And probably bring me back as often as my frequent flyer miles can bring me.


So happy fall, loves. I’m so excited for the shifts taking place here ~ and for the content that this new structure is going to inspire me to share with you. :D Really the only thing that was holding me back was not having access to a steady recording space, a hurdle has now been surmounted.

I can’t wait to share the fruits of my beloved labor with you.

Big love. Happy Harvest Moon and equinox (Mabon to you fellow pagans :D). 

Stay tuned for the continuing unfolding.

(And cap your pledges if you so desire!)


~ Stellar ~

(title photo: plumbing compression sleeves, now part of my washboard setup. IT SOUNDS DOPE, Y'ALL)