Evening Patreon
Evening Everyone!

Sorry for another late night post but I did a bonus stream of The Long Dark after today's Mad Max stream so my day ran a little late. 

Putting some more Long Dark into my streaming schedule per many a request I received. Not really impacting what I'm already doing but adding a few hours a day to cram some Long Dark in there. 

Had a pretty good Multiplayer stream on Saturday in Empyrion as the Saturday crowd seems to be growing. 

Release a video on all the cutscenes from Star Wars: The Old Republic Chapter VII of their new storyline which you can catch here.


Planning to delve more heavily into the Timberwolf Mountain series in The Long Dark and get some episodes recorded. Also plan on re-shooting Star Wars: The Force awakens discussion video and another Fallout 4 LP on the second channel if there is time before twitch. 

Hope everyone has a great night!