Evening Patreon
Apologies once again for what is a late night update post for me. Starting recording at the crack of dawn this morning and before I knew it it was about half an hour before the twitch stream and had to get ready for that. 

Doing some extended hours streaming as I push for the twitch partnership. You can check out some of the fruits of my labor from this week here. 


Had a good Long Dark short stream followed by what could be described as the most losing run in The Long War Mod ever. Can't wait for XCOM 2 in Feb!

Reason for the late post was had an accident with some of today's recording. Seems when entering a command console code on Fallout 4 I managed to hit the record button key off without realizing it and lost what I thought was a very long and good episode so I spent the evening redoing it. 

Turned out to a tad shorter and still well done since I was just repeating what I had done previously. Well growing late for me and more to work for tomorrow. Will definitely try for a before stream post to let you know how all the work is progressing!