Evening Patreon
Evening Patreon,

Been a crazy Monday as Monday's usually are. Had an alright stream Saturday night though I did mess up quite a bit on our Empyrion Server. Seems they never did email me the notice for the server bill and I was a whole 2 days late so they terminated our server. 

So I got another server from a better company and did some grinding before the stream to get us back on track. Stream was a little quite but can't be too exciting just watching us rebuild. 

Had a pretty packed stream today of Darkest Dungeon and The Long Dark. 

I won't sadly have any video links for what is coming out today as the youtube upload seems to be a bit slow tonight. My internet speed is great but for some reason the youtube upload is at a crawl. 

Though I can tell you what is coming out next. Did an update video for the latest changes in We Happy Few, included the thumbnail.

Have several Fallout 4 Let's Play Modded Episodes which I'll get up in the next two days. 

Long Dark stream is planned for tomorrow. Was hoping to get a press copy for American Truck Simulator but I didn't get the news right away so I think I missed the cutoff date for press copies. 

Doing more Long Dark recording tomorrow and some stuff for the second channel. 

Back to work for me though, hope you all have a great night. Another update tomorrow.



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