Evening Update
Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

Had an early stream as per my new schedule on Wed and Thurs so not a ton of time to render after recording so my apologies as I have to videos done today but the first one won't be published till later tonight and the second one till tomorrow. 

Recorded an episode of each Fallout 4 Let's Play for each channel.  Had a good stream of Fallout 4 today on twitch but I probably will put Fallout 4 on the backshelf for a little bit till Far Harbor DLC in order to free up the week for more newer content. 

Still keeping an eye out for the Long Dark update which could be dropping this weekend and I will be doing a charity marathon for the game when it comes out with the Mid-April Update. 

Also rolled out the first draft of rewards for the Revlo currency points for Twitch. This is only the first attempt as I'm still weighing the whole currency thing as a whole as I've yet to get this exactly as I want it so I'll be getting feedback till we get it where it's needed to be. 

Planned for some Long Dark recording in the morning and whatever else I might be able to cram in before the noon stream of XCOM 2.

Have a great night everybody!