Evening Update

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

Earlier stream per usual on the Thursday docket today but I did manage to roll out a video before the stream. Now usually I get about a dozen emails a week from indie devs wanting me to play their game on youtube so they can get some exposure. 

I usually pick one out of the dozen to feature in a video for the week. I don't cover ever game that crosses the desk, simply not the time for it. And frankly some of them are just beyond horrible. I'm not in the business of making videos ripping on a game. If a game is that bad I tend to just not play it. 

Here's one such game today, Chromagun. 

Let's Play ChromaGun


Chromagun reminds me a little bit of portal. It's pretty smooth running and bug free. Just the kinda game that doesn't have a huge advertising budget and tends to get overlooked with the dozen plus games that come out on steam everyday. 

Tomorrow should yield alot more youtube content and the weekend plans. 

Hope everyone has a great night!



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