Evening Update
Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to today's Patreon Update! Spent a big portion of the morning working on a settlement video for Youtube main channel today. For some reason had a kink in the save so it somehow didn't save the mornings work though I did manage to get caught up a bit the beam stream. 

Streamed a little bit of Fallout 4 for the beam stream today. Beam just got bought by Microsoft a while back so doing some minor streaming on that format hoping to see if that expands but will be spending the majority of streaming time on Twitch. 

Had a really awesome stream of Long Dark today. Felt good to be back in the game. Been on a little hiatus from The Long Dark with the Nuka-World project going on and felt it ok to take a break after 1600+ hours in the game. 

Really great stream though my gameplay was borderline appalling today, a bit rusty in tld. Had a great host by LongLiveQuebec and was over 200 viewers on twitch today for awhile. 

Not much else to report at the moment, Youtube vids up tomorrow for sure. Just got slowed down with the settlement work this morning. 

Have a great night everyone!



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