Evening Update
Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

Have had a busy day here but have a few things to mention and overall it's been a pretty good day. Had a good start to the new Thursday series we'll be doing for a bit to replace X-COM which we'll put on the shelf for awhile since been playing that every Thursday for probably a year or more now and replacing it with some Mount and Blade:Warband, Clash of Kings conversion mod. 

Published the first video of our Nuka-World Red Rocket settlement rebuild that I'm doing. 


Will be recording heavily and streaming probably a bit more than usual next week or so with the Mrs being out of town I'll try to keep myself busy so as not to miss her. 

Long Dark update will drop tomorrow or if not next week and not sure which I'd prefer right now but looking forward to the marathon when it happens. 

Back to work for me but hope you all have a great night!



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