Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

Monday night and another Patreon Update! Let's get caught with up with the weekend news. Had a good return to Empyrion Saturday with our twitch crew. Put the Imperial Star Destroyer through it's paces and had a blast. 

Took today off the stream as it is our first Wedding ann. so spent the night with my beautiful wife. Did a lot of Youtube recording during the day so wasn't totally slacking off on my work. 

Have new episodes of the interloper difficulty of The Long Dark that I'll be putting out tomorrow. Today I featured a few upcoming lesser known idie games that I thought could use some exposure. 

Today's Youtube recap

Fallout 4 Modded #24 Danse MIA

Beholder Beta Preview

Torn Tales Beta Preview

Have a cosplay Batman telltales again and then some TLD planned for the stream tomorrow. 

Long work week ahead, looking forward to painting the studio wall once the paint comes in so I'll get back to it and hope you all have a great night. 



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