Good evening ladies and gentlemen, 

Hope everyone is having a great evening. Had a rather bummer day on stream today as my luck in The Long Dark didn't really hold up.  Though highly entertaining and my Long Dark always get a big crowd but sadly I did screw it up a bit by using our Youtube interloper run and got eaten by a helpful wolf sadly. 

So I'll be grinding a bit in The Long Dark to get us back to that point, luckily we were only about two weeks into that Interloper run. With streaming a game you never play as good as you do off stream as you continually half your vision in two places at once which in TLD can get you killed easily. Will be keeping the youtube run off the stream in the future so that doesn't happen. 

Chroma Key paint should be in by the end of the day tomorrow so we'll be doing a painting stream on Friday. 

Today's Youtube videos

Have to get back to some TLD grinding so I'll catch you guys for tomorrow's update after the stream!