Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

Been a pretty hectic but fun week so far. Special huzzah to Swordfish and Sis for beating Crawmerax in Borderlands today. 

Have made some tweaks to my setting in Star Trek Online in regards to troubleshooting the issues I've been having with the crimson driver and that game and did a test stream on Beam today and it seemed to be fine but will test it a little bit again before it makes it back on to the twitch stream. 

The Long Dark update finally dropped today, did stream a little tld today but been covering it with the charity marathon and quite a few streams so didn't make a long night of it though did publish an official update video. 

The Long Dark Vigilant Update

Chroma Key paint was delivered today and will be setting that up tomorrow for the stream painting later on Friday night. 

Well been a long night and a few more things to get done so I wish you all the best.