Evening Update
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, 

Bit of a late update but just got back home after an outing earlier with the Mrs. Been a fairly productive day today though you never get as much done as you'd like. But overall can't really get more productive than that. 

Did a beam stream of Overwatch before the twitch stream today. I do like the beam format but the site is pretty much a ghost town for except about 500 or so viewers so I'm not sure it's going to compete with Twitch anytime soon. 

Star Trek Online made it back to the stream after fixing a crash issue with the video driver. Had a pretty great stream during double xp weekend. Quite a good stream prepared for next week should be a good time. 

Today's Youtube Videos

The Long Dark Anniversary Build


Orisis: New Dawn Impressions


Getting some shut eye now. Look for an interloper episode tomorrow and I'll be back with the full report on Monday.