Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of apologies for the lack of updates lately, been pretty busy recording/streaming and setting up a few other projects I really have had not enough free time lately but alot of great stuff happening for myself as a creator this year.

March 25 will mark an end to my contract with Maker Gen and I've already setup a really great partnership with TGN which I believe will help the brand grow far more than Disney ever did for us. 

I've also been working very hand in hand with OpNoobs a certified Metacritic review site that has been helping develop more contacts in the business and gain more access to exclusive content than we could before. 

A week or so ago I did attend the Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle with Sis and did get signed up with Extra-Life a charity streaming organization we'll have to do an event with sometime soon and got to meet Stan Lee!

Have alot of great content plans for youtube coming up, been holding quite a bit of content back as I really don't want to give Disney any more money than I had too. Have been doing a daily Interloper series in the Long Dark as always but have some great stuff coming out at the end of the month. 

Will be debuting a new permadeath series and coming back from a long hiatus Fallout 4 as well. 

Will be updating more tomorrow also with details of the upcoming marathon and incoming LMG swag! 

Have a great evening everyone!



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