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Tier 1
$1 or more per month
At this level you will be cooler than you were before. Straight up. You will also get
  • Private updates on games I am reviewing & channel plans, random Invitation to Patron only podcast & a patron only feed

  • Feel free to turn off ads without remorse
Tier 2
$3 or more per month
Imagine being cool but now being even better. That is this level, you also get
  • A chance to be invited to join in on one of the ACG International Friday Podcasts that's recorded & posted.

Tier 3
$5 or more per month
Private Discord, Talk with me and possibly win a game. Those 2 things will probably change your life. Here you get

  • Join the Private Discord Account/Game Chat/Help Karak Stay Alive
  • Chance to win any game I reviewed the previous month.
Includes Discord rewards
Tier 4
$10 or more per month
What is more fun than talking about games. Join our movie watching night and find out!
  • Monthly Online B Movie Night on Netflix with Karak
  • Suggest a game(1 a month) for Karak to cover in video form

Includes Discord rewards
Tier 5 - Karak Will Review Your Life!
$25 or more per month
Karak will review your life or record you a message. Give him some data and off he goes. (not sure why you would want this but people have lol)

Want to jump into games with Karak this is the level!

  • Invites to Xbox Club and PS4 Community
  • Join Karak & team once a month for a 1 hour game sessions

Includes Discord rewards
Tier 6
$50 or more per month
Want to jump into more games with Karak and get some swag? This is the level!

  • Game with Karak and Team for 2 Hours a month. 
  • ACG Poster shipped to your home
  • ACG Personalized Avatar usable for YouTube/Google+ and so on
  • Access to discuss games with me personally on email
  • ACG Shirt - First month you get a Tee shirt, Long Sleeve Tee - or Beanie (If we redesign a new one will be shipped free of charge)
Includes Discord rewards
Tier 7
$100 or more per month
  • ACG  Channel Instruction
  • Karak and you can co-record a video or stream 1 time a month as well.
  • I will also work with you on developing a voice, setting goals, schedules, & helping you get your channel ready for Prime time. Continued support here means continued support for your channel as invites to the YouTube team videos. 
  • Solo Podcast with Karak once a month and posted to the channel. 
  • We can also stream together if you want to do that on Twitch or Youtube if you don't want to record
Includes Discord rewards
Tier 8
$150 or more per month
  • ACG Challange Accepted
  • All Previous Rewards
    • Challenge Karak to a game, any game that you both have. If you win you get a "I Kicked ACG's A$$" Tee Shirt
    • Listed as a contributing producer for ACG listed on the official pages & videos. 
Includes Discord rewards
Tier 9
$300 or more per month
  • Podcast and Channel help
  • Channel help and all services from above plus 
    • Join Karak as a Co-podcaster with full invites to all Podcasts to jump in and get the ropes.
    • Work together to try to get your channel setup. Art help, technical assistance when you need as well.

  • All Tier Rewards from Lower Tiers
  • Becoming a Patron Guest Podcastor with An Open Slot for All Inte
Includes Discord rewards
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